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Being Healthy is Your Birthright – Getting Healthy takes Support. Become a Member Today.

Let us give you the targeted healthcare and lifestyle support that you need to regain your health so you can optimize your life and THRIVE.


Created for you, with love.

Today’s healthcare system is failing us with temporary fixes that don’t provide any correction or long term solution. This model keeps us trapped, sick and limited. This is why we have created the Live Longer membership so you can have access without limitation to the advanced care and services you need to heal and THRIVE.  You will enjoy access to more than $20,000 in added value care and services regardless of insurance coverage for one low monthly fee.

So Much More Than a Check Up.

As a Live Longer member you receive full primary care with unprecedented collaboration with your doctor and health team. Together we build a 360º view of your health and create a long-term plan that’s just for you.

50 min

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Focused on you, not insurers.

Our care is direct to you, offering the best flexibility and control. Even better, membership can often be paid with your FSA/HSA. For testing and services,. we will bill your insurance which will most likely go to your deductible…a deductible that will be covered in its entirety with your low monthly fee, no matter how high the bill.  An added bonus is that you will unlock the use of your insurance quicker so you can access your full insurance benefits in both our practice and with other providers as your policy allows.  This means for a low monthly fee, you get direct access to added value services not covered by insurance for personalized and precise results while saving thousands off of added health insurance expense.

Why Choose Us Over a Regular Doctor?

Today 86% of disease is chronic and lifestyle driven. Understanding this, we take a different approach than most, ensuring that YOU, are at the center of care. Unlike other doctors, our team of certified physicians, nurses and coaches are also trained in functional and integrative medicine. This means we are trained in how to use nutrition, lifestyle change, and cutting-edge testing to help you not only reverse and prevent disease, but also thrive in today’s fast paced world.

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Focused on how and why.

Good health is built over time. When problems arise, the first place to begin is in asking how did this happen and WHY?  Our team delivers close, continuous collaboration and understanding so we are always looking for the true underlying cause to problems so they can be corrected instead of managed. To do this, our doctors spend time getting to know you—5 times more than the average doctor—and build a complete picture by testing over 1,000 biomarkers.

Just a tap away.

We offer virtual video call coaching sessions and after hours telemedicine visits with our clinical team so that you can have your health team in the palm of your hand. No need to sit in traffic or the waiting room to get the real time support and check ins you need to thrive.

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Personalized Health.

Together we create a health plan—including medicine, heart, hormones and brain health, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and more—that guides you towards enhanced health and wellbeing. The timing and pace of change is carefully considered for each person and we’re there along the way. Add in access to continuous care for frequent updates to your health plan based on your progress so you can truly achieve the results you want, desire and deserve.


“Amazing Staff and Doctors, they taylor your treatment to you and go over every detail of your health.”

—  Dave K.


“Within a week my fibromyalgia pain was significantly reduced. Within 3 weeks, and having hormone pellets, my CF began to improve, fibro fog lifting, & weight was coming off. I no longer need a cane to walk. Finally a dr. Who actually improves conditions, instead of masking it. Thanks for my life back!”

–Yonna B.

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