It’s estimated that up to 10% of Americans have ADHD. Everyday children and adults are being diagnosed with ADHD and given medications to manage the symptoms. For many, medication does not correct the problem.

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As symptoms worsen, the ability to learn, connect, engage and relate become impaired and take a toll on both children, adults and their families. It’s estimated that up to 10% of Americans have ADHD. Additionally, this rate increases significantly in families where one parent who also has this disorder. ADHD is associated with lack of sufficient activity in the frontal lobes of the brain. This means that the part of the brain that handles thinking, planning, concentrating and staying focused isn’t as active as it needs to be. As a result, a person with ADHD often struggles to succeed in school, work and at home and can suffer from anger outbursts, restlessness and the inability to socially engage or connect. Not sure if it’s ADHD? Click here to take quiz.

What Causes ADHD and What Can You Do?

Scientists and researchers have observed the brains of people diagnosed with ADHD and compared them to children without the diagnosis. Scientists have observed that people with ADHD show striking differences in their ability to pass and process information between the right and left sides of the brain.

Your brain function is regulated by brain waves that interact and communicate with your neurotransmitters like dopamine and over 100 trillion neurons. This dynamic and complex system is designed to regulate the function of the systems throughout the body in response to all incoming stimulus from our environment and the outside world.

Due to our environment and the ongoing stressors impacting the body every second of everyday, the body can become overloaded and the brain can become dysregulated. This most commonly occurs as a result of overstimulation.

This dysregulation impacts your brain waves creating dysfunction within the brain and how it is able to respond to the stimulus coming in. For you this means symptoms such as an increasing level of overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, inability to focus and an overall unease in your body.

The brain is like a muscle, it learns this new pattern of dysfunction and if the stimulus does not change, the response does not change meaning your brain becomes out of balance and this is your new norm.

Is Medication the Solution for ADHD?

Medication can not rebalance and correct brain wave function. It can only force the body to increase neurotransmitters in the hopes that this will override the imbalance. It’s important to note the medication is not actually correcting the brainwave function and the integration between the right and left hemisphere.

So What Does That Mean For You And Your Child?

If we can train the brain to work in ‘sync’ and facilitate the two sides of the brain to work together, we can overcome the symptoms of ADHD and give your child and your family an opportunity to move forward and excel in things that were once difficult.

How Do We Do This?

This re-patterning of the brain, is accomplished by a proprietary integrated system that uses Braincore Neurofeedback brain training technology to “wake up” and “work-out” parts of the brain and allow the brain waves to re-regulate and areas of your brain to begin to work together in a healthy, organized manner.

In a few short weeks, with BrainCore Neurofeedback sessions, the training will begin to create new pathways and rebalance brain waves so your brain can work in an integrated and functional manner. As the brain patterns change you will see your child’s confidence, behavior, and academic performance transform before your eyes.

How Does It Work?

BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy Specialists are able to map your brain, see exactly where the imbalance is and to what extent.

Once the dysfunction is located and severity determined, a corrective care plan will be recommended to you by our team of BrainCore Specialists.

You will begin care 2-3 times a week that literally retrains your brain in as little as 12 weeks. Its fun, it’s easy and it is scientifically shown to work. The great thing is, you don’t DO anything, your brain does the work while you sit back and enjoy a movie. With each session, your brain waves will become more regulated and optimized for balance and improved function.

What’s the Next Step:

Request Your Complimentary Consultation to find out how neurofeedback brain training can begin to help you. After the consultation, we will begin a brainmap to understand the overall health, function and performance of your brain, this is called a QEEG.

A Quantitative Electrical Encephalogram (QEEG) brain map shows us a window into the brain to see how the brain is functioning. It can show which areas function too fast as well as areas that are too slow. Using this information, a protocol will be created to retrain and optimize brain health and function. When the brain is functioning better, in a more normalized manner, it is better able to respond and adapt to stressors and stimuli coming in for decreased symptoms and optimized health.

Here’s what patients are saying about Braincore Neurofeedback:

“My entire life has changed since deciding to take my son in for BrainCore Neurofeedback therapy. We no longer have any issues at school or home and his grades went from D’s and C’s to A’s and B’s. Absolutely amazing!” –Tamara S.

“Our son couldn’t focus and he was really struggling in school. By his 8th visit, we noticed he was so much calmer and happier. By his 15th visit he was reading every night for 30 minutes and loving it. By the end of his program he could focus and concentrate in school, at home and we noticed how much it improved his confidence. The changes were incredible. The best investment in our child we could have made.” –Melissa G.

Ready for answers? ADHD doesn’t have to define, label or hold you back from living your healthiest and happiest life.

The Live Longer team takes a different approach. We don’t treat, we don’t diagnose, we don’t manage, we work with YOU and use natural, safe and FDA approved technology that retrains your brain back to an optimal state of function. When the brainwaves are restored to a normalized pattern, the brain is able to better communicate and function with the body while enjoying a more optimal response to all outside stressors.

It’s like going to the gym for your brain. New connections are made, new pathways are developed and the brain becomes more balanced and optimized allowing health and performance to be restored. It’s science – It works – It can help you too!

Contact us to request your complimentary conversation to find out how Braincore Neurofeedback can help optimize your brain and body health today.