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Smart – Integrative – Personalized

Concierge Primary Care Lifestyle Medicine Focused on You. Our team of certified doctors, nurses and coaches specialize in finding the cause of your health problem and work with you to correct them so you can optimize your health and life.  

As a Member of Our Practice, You Gain Full Access to Advanced Care and Added Value Services Saving You Thousands in Deductibles & CoPays.

At Live Longer Medical Center, We Reach Beyond the “Standard of Care” to Deliver YOU Health Optimization Medicine.

The Live Longer Medical Difference

We believe in delivering you the care you deserve at an affordable price. With deductibles that are thousands of dollars and limited availability to care, people are not getting the help they need. This is why we have re-imagined healthcare. Our unique team of certified MDs, DCs, DOs and nurse practitioners have extensive training in integrative medicine, anti- aging, nutrition, lifestyle and fitness. We combine multiple systems of medicine to create holistic treatment plans that are tailored to you—the patient!

We give you the time you need, our visits last on average 5 times longer than at other offices because our caring team of experts need to look into every aspect of your life when evaluating your health. This detailed, patient centered approach to care allows us to do more than manage symptoms, it allows us to correct your problems so you can heal and THRIVE.

From well-checks and prevention appointments, to sick care, disease management and healing, our concierge membership practice gives our patients full access to the best care and added value services beyond what insurance covers all at a low monthly price. We look forward to caring for you, learn how to become a member in our practice today.

Live Longer Medical Center is Providing The Melbourne Area with State of the Art Care for You and Your Loved Ones …

Kristen Laurella, ARNP
Nurse Practitioner, & Board Certified ER Nurse


Lisa Guyer, BCHC, CEO
CEO of Live Longer Medical


Kevin Greene, MD
Chief Medical Officer


We perform a comprehensive clinical evaluation reviewing all current labs, health history, metabolic assessment, environmental and lifestyle stress indexes to gain exact insight into the scope of your health challenge.


Based on your unique results, we will let you know what we have found and how we can help you achieve your health goals. If a health imbalance is detected, we will advise what specific care, medications or treatments can help to improve your health.


When the imbalance is detected and corrected through customized care, outcomes improve and health is enhanced for greater vitality and wellbeing.